Ask Tsurugi Yuuichi
Jokes like these aren’t funny, Anon….

Jokes like these aren’t funny, Anon….

Missed me~?☆

Missed me~?

(( I guess I’ll do it too…

because of the second season, lots of things will change;;

So I’ll reopen this when it starts~!

( ’ ヮ. ‘)/ hehe, hope you’re all as excited as I am for Yuuichi Season 2!…it’s kinda weird though—

info: ( ’  v. ‘) thank you Tenma for the linkkk

until next time! ))

Anonymous asked you: Your mole just makes you even more charming. ;u;

ask-tenma asked you: How is your treatment going ? I’m sure you will be ok pretty soon and so we will be able to play sakka together~ : D

(´ ▽.` ) h-haha I hope so! I’m really looking forward to playing with you and Kyousuke!

Anonymous asked you: waaa c-can I… touch you? But… I know you’re fragile and I don’t wanna hurt you, so… ‘A’

…why do you want to touch me..? …../calls Fuyuka-san

Anonymous asked you: how old are you? :3